These are the courses that are to be handled this academic year

This course specializes in the training of trainers and the equipping them with the  knowledge required to train others in the coffee sector

This is a coaching and mentoring course for fresh entrants in the coffee trading business, marketing and shipping staff of coffee exporters (those that handle the task of marketing and shipping including documentation), clearing and forwarding agents and transporters.

The consumers / importers in the developed countries are placing major emphasis on quality assurance for coffee. There is also a growing demand for specialty coffees like gourmet coffee, eco-friendly coffee, organic coffee etc, which require continuous efforts on quality enhancement.

The course begins with a basic background on coffee price fluctuations (volatility) and the risks that coffee price volatility creates for coffee market participants. The course then focuses on ways in which businesses can calculate and monitor their risk positions.

This deals with the coffee field management practices. It is an ideal course for individual coffee farmers, coffee farmer’s associations, coffee agricultural extension workers and coffee nursery operators. The course trains farmers on how to produce best coffees for better quality and income.

This course delves deep into the coffee knowledge and skills needed to prepare and serve espresso and espresso-based beverages.

This course equips you with the required skills in marketing and how coffee can be sold to the target markets and the entire world, maximizing the profits that come with growing and selling coffee